Lynxnott is a kender who likes (like all kenders) Maps and stealing. He walks around 'borrowing' people's objects. In part two Lynxnott Catches goblin sickness when Larry fires in arrow into his right arm. He is part of Felix's Adventuring gang! He gets healed afterwards but still has the sickness in his right arm. That leads to The archer goblin beats him in a sword fight and gets away with Felix's clothes (even his toy train!) He tells felix about his sickness and Felix attacks him with penicillin. In Part Three, he aqquires a magic Spellbook. This is used throughout the series. In Lynxnott and Felix; The Game, Lynxnott's spellbook is an item which shoots celery sticks.

Lynxnott claims he is 130 years old. He is most likely 39.

We don't know about Lynxnott's family. Lynxnott's relative may be Stealingbag Grabhoop though.

Lynxnott is immune to fear.